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Thanksgiving Week 3-day Camps

★Each program is a 3 day camp that meets in-person for 2 hours each day. If a student stays for two camps in the morning and afternoon, we have lunch together from 12 pm to 1 pm. Materials and snacks will be provided.★


Click on the underlined date/time of the following camps you would like to sign up for:

Piano Camp ($60/day)

(Your Choice of either Book Blast or Recital Readiness)

Book Blast: A fun way to "blast" through your book! Learning and passing a ton of pages, leave this camp with new skills. Feel confident and excited from all the pieces you pass, and keep up your piano skills during the summer! We will play games to review concepts, learn pieces super-quick, pass them, and maybe even

move into a new set of books!


Recital Readiness: A fun way to practice, improve, and fine-tune your recital pieces! With my help, students will create a SMART-goal for their recital piece. Each student will perform their recital song for the class with huge improvements and increased confidence!

November 20th - 22nd @ 10 am for Piano Camp


Digital Art Camp ($60/day): focus on digital illustration using the program Procreate. Drawing with an apple pencil on an Ipad and using digital tools is the great for 21st Century Artist. Having fun and exploring their creativity without having to wash up later.

November 20th - 22nd @ 1 pm for Art Camp

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