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"Piano has brought me so much joy in my life and the ability to express myself. I feel a sense of peace, gratitude, and happiness when I play the piano. I simply want to share the joy of piano with people. "

Hi, I'm Machiko! My music adventure started when my mother took me to a local music class when I was three years old. There, I danced and sang with friends freely. When I was seven, I had one strict teacher who would poke my fingers with her pencil when I made mistakes. I was horrified and immediately asked my mother if I could have a different teacher. Since then, I have had piano teachers who nurtured me with a love of piano. Knowing two different types of teachers, I decided to become the latter who creates fun & comfortable environment for students to fully enjoy piano and music.

Piano has always been there for me when I'm happy, sad, or just feeling creative. I was able to find my gift of music because of my parents, who took me to music classes and piano lessons. I'm grateful that I can express myself through the love of piano, and you will be able to do that as well. I want you or your child to experience this positive feeling that I gained through playing the piano. 

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